Our widespread services try to satisfy the growing range of request with the help of internal and external sources. Our firm takes responsibility for delivering the projects in time, and for that high quality of project management and quality guiding strategies are available.


The planned and the fabricated machinery will be considered to be ready only after the common acceptance with the Consumer.


We offer widespread services from the projection to beyond the guarantee period.

Engineering services

  • Special machine construction, production (CAD design)

  • Device - JIG design and production (CAD-CAM)

  • Industrial automation

  • Electrical planning (E-Plan)

  • Mechanical construction

  • Optimization of producing processes

  • LEAN assembly lines production

  • PLC programming


  • Project analysis (time, cost, pay-off)

  • Project leading (coordination of suppliers)

  • Negotiations (hungarian, english, german languages)

  • Making contracts

Special technologies

  • 3D printing (plastic, metal, special alloys)

  • Surface treatment

  • Surface converting

  • Nitriding

  • Anodising

  • Special metal-rubber connecting elements

Metal works services

  • Structural metal products design and construction

  • Special spare parts design and production

  • Metal works finishing

  • CNC milling

  • Drilling

  • Milling

  • Turning

  • Spark cutting

  • EDM wiring

  • Surface grinding

  • AWI, MIG, MAG welding

Sheet production

  • Lemezmegmunkálás (vágás, hajlítás)

  • Stainless steel sheet forming

  • Production of perforated sheets 

  • Riveted sheet assemblies

  • Welded sheet assemblies